You began our session with a clip that reminded me of my worth and resilience as a black woman. It’s as if you knew I needed that reminder and so by the time we began our session my heart was open to receiving from God because I felt His presence. My body felt love because the session provided stretches that were gentle yet strengthening.

Throughout the session you kept reminding me of the love I deserve and the queen that I am, that reminder makes your sessions so unique.

I have such peace of mind, my body feels so strong and relaxed I cannot wait for our next session


I’m foreign to the practice of yoga so I was a bit skeptical when I got the opportunity to have a private one on one flow class with Miss Lerato. 



Winchester Virginia

She made me so comfortable and made it so easy to just let go and flow with her calming nature and the beautiful playlist that was handpicked for my personality. I felt revived/ recharged both physically and emotionally after our flow. She’s such an amazing instructor and beautiful being overall. Would definitely recommended her to anyone whose looking for emotional healing, physical lightness or any reason for wanting to do yoga

You are A NATURAL TEACHER, you do this effortlessly, and your light, joy, and spirit shine through in your teaching


This is from yesterday’s shoot Dedicated to you. Baby Girl I was down and out both physically, mentally and Spiritually before our session on the journey to self love. When we did the last Grounding pose which was laying on the Mat my spirit left my physical and I found my self starring at the weak sickly Body that was laying on the floor. I looked at the screen of my phone and realized that every one was sitting on the Mat at that point, you said something like Nkabati I am soo proud of you showing up,I know you are going through a lot but I am proud of you Queen.

Nkabati Mamorobela-Shezi