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What’s the difference between this and other online studios?

  • Olerato Yoga And Wellness is more than a virtual yoga studio. It is our mission to disrupt the pervasive stereotype that yoga is just for wealthy, white and fit people by creating a community that offers representation for those who never felt included in these spaces. Every Saturday we hold virtual live classes for African bodies to flow, heal and reconnect.

How do i prepare for an online class?

    After signing up for a class, you will receive an email with some tips to help you prepare for a Zoom yoga class with us. 

    Telll me more about the monthly workshops

    Our monthly workshops are where we gather with our community to start important conversations. There aren’t enough inclusive spaces in the world for people of color and we want to change that through our classes and workshops. Every last Saturday of the month we provide wellness workshops on a variety of topics, including:

    • Mind-Body Wellness 
    • Radical Self-Love
    • African Wellness 
    • Self- Healing 
    • Healthy Eating 

    Are donation-based classes free?

    • Every Saturday, Our studio hosts virtual donation-based classes led by African Yoga Teachers from all over  the World.

    These CLASSES ARE NOT FREE, but have a sliding scale pricing for you to pay what you can in order to register for the class. 

    How do I access classes without a membership?

    • Anyone is welcome to join our studio classes at the studio class rate.

    1 yoga class =  R150/ $10

    1 wellness workshop = R225 / $15

    • Please Note: Studio Members have unlimited access to all our  offerings . 

    Who can I contact for customer service issues or if I have a question?

    Please email us at and we will answer  all your  questions.